With each New Year that comes our way, we learn even more that the choices we make today will determine the path that lies ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!

Oh my, how time flies! Depending on when you are reading my notes this month, we may already be half-way through January 2015. As the publisher of Spotlight Magazine, I am always working ahead on up-coming issues. This often makes it seem like my weeks are passing by much more quickly than they do for most people. By no means am I complaining; I really enjoy my profession, mostly because of all the interesting and inspiring people I cross paths with daily. It amazes me how many times people come up to me and comment about their appreciation for Spotlight and what we are bringing to our community. I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement of all our readers. Thank you!

At the beginning of this month’s notes, I mentioned “choices” All of us, young and not-so-young, will make many choices throughout each day. Hopefully most of these will be good ones. But truth be told, not all our choices will be the right ones. It is important to remember that how we react to our own choices or the choices of others will indeed determine our way.

Choose wisely and see ya next month,

Bryan McDonough

Bryan McDonough
Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.