Planting Seeds for the Future / By: Angela Bozorth

spring time

I grew up in a family that has lived and breathed to plant seeds and harvest crops for as far back as I can research.  Perhaps that’s why every spring I am overcome with an irresistible urge to collaborate with nature and create something so vibrant, alive, and utterly full of hope, joy, and beauty.  We can all be inspired by the splendor that surrounds us and the perfect harmony that is synchronized between every plant and animal.   To connect to this divine concert, all one has to do is take a walk at a place like Turkey Creek Sanctuary or catch a breathtaking sunrise at the beach or even plant a package of seeds in a pot on your back porch and watch as it grows!

Since we bought our current house a few years ago, I look forward to springtime when I make my planting plans.  Of course, this is a collaborative effort with my husband so with the assistance come the opinions, which are not always welcome. However, that is where compromise comes into play which often results in amazing ideas I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.  After we decide on plants, the vessels are equally important.  Good, nutrient rich soil and adequate drainage at the bottom will produce healthier, more abundant foliage.  I think of creating a planting which many now refer to as a “container garden” like writing a story or creating a painting or sculpture.  I have a vision in my mind, I select my materials for the creation and begin to place the individual pieces to create the ultimate “masterpiece”.

Of course, we know that planting seeds from a packet or small “starter plants” from a local nursery or home improvement store can be a gamble. Even if we buy the most beautiful clay pot with adequate drainage, fill the vessel with top-quality enriched soil and water as directed every day, we may still never see the much-coveted tiny green shoot begin to break the surface of the soil ever so slightly.  This happened to me during the Covid isolation when I tried in vain to grow lavender.

Then, other times nature takes over and appears to do all of the work through birds and butterflies and an entire network of creatures working in concert to effortlessly create stunning beauty. For me, the beauty of springtime is in the hope infused in every flower purchased and planted and the excitement and anticipation as I cover seeds with fresh soil.  I remember a friend once inherited some money from her grandmother and after some thought, she decided to purchase several fruit trees to line her front driveway.  Though each tree started the same on planting day, over the years some grew straight and tall and produced delicious fruit while others barely survived in their weak, spindly state and a few did not survive the first year.

Over the years, many clients in my counseling career have heard me utter the statement, “I’m responsible for the effort, not the outcome.” and that is a fitting statement to tie this theme together.  Whether we are planting flowers in our yard or metaphorically planting seeds by nurturing our relationships, raising our children, or building our careers, our job is to be there in the springtime and put forth our best efforts along the way. Then we must have faith in the outcome so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Happy Spring,

Angela Bozorth, is a certified substance abuse counselor in Florida and NC.

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