Music, The universal way of communicating / English Translation from Spanish / Spotlight November issue page 31


The universal way of communicating

Communication is one of the basic and essential manifestations of human beings. The main one is verbal language, but there are other ways to communicate: Sign language, facial or body gestures, graphic media, and written communication through books and magazines, among others.

One of those forms of communication that moves masses that makes ‘the senses vibrate’ or, as I would say in my feeling, ‘makes my blood boil’, is music. Who doesn’t enjoy the sensation produced by an instrument or a piece of music?

Being Latina, I grew up in a culture where music is everywhere: In every family event no matter how small, in every meeting with friends, in the car, at Town parties, restaurants, bars, clubs, local markets, literally, everywhere. Since we were little, our parents taught us to overcome the fear of interacting with the boy or girl at the party by dancing. At the end of the year holidays, needless to say! The parties start regularly and consistently from December 8th until January 8th; every day, you can find meetings where food and music can never be missing.

The way I can describe music is as: ‘the best way to convey emotions, feelings, joy, melancholy, everything we are and what we experience as human beings.’ If I hear a song that was a hit when I was a child, I immediately remember where I was, what the weather was like, and I even try to remember some smell or sensation I experienced while listening to that song. Doesn’t the same thing happen to you?

I experienced something very particular, and is that the music that I love even today is music that was successful decades before I was born. I love ballads, rock, tropical and dance music from the 60’s to the 90’s. Today I recognize the quality of so many artists who, in these years, produced unique lyrics and melodies that are difficult to describe and imitate. The talent of the singers was so impressive that I could say that nobody with that quality is performing today.

Although Latin America has had great musical influence from the United States and Europe, our roots have been maintained, and we still continue to listen to great artists such as Vicente Fernández, José José, Nino Bravo (one of my favorites!), Javier Soliz, Franco de Vita, Menudo, Soda Stereo, Enanitos Verdes, Billos Caracas Boys, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Juan Luis Guerra, or Celia Cruz.

Other bands or artists we have grown up with are The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Bon Jovi, U2, Eagles, The Beatles, and thousands more!

Music is one of the universal languages we all speak without distinction of language, color, or nationality. To those of us who love music… Woo hoo!

Carolina Rojas-Gee is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and works with the Multicultural Networking Group to strengthen this community. She is originally from Colombia, which makes this experience more exciting and relevant.