Melbourne Regional Chamber Launches COVID-19 Hero Appreciation Week

The Melbourne Regional Chamber is pleased to announce the launch of COVID-19 Hero Appreciation Week presented by L3Harris and St. Francis Reflections. This appreciation-based program will recognize, celebrate, and salute all our COVID heroes who have diligently served our Space Coast region this year. At the heart of COVID Hero, Appreciation Week is the opportunity to invigorate COVID front line workers by offering them the thanks they richly deserve but seldom receive.

During this week-long celebration, we will honor our COVID heroes, tell them their dedication and service are noticed and appreciated, as well as inspire continued connections, and foster pride among our hometown heroes and local community.

β€œThe strength and courage demonstrated by our COVID heroes over the past several months has been astounding and nothing short of inspirational. We are proud to launch this week dedicated to those who have bravely served our Space Coast Region during these difficult times,” commented Michael Ayers, President & CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber. β€œThe Chamber recognizes that everyday people in our community and around the globe are putting their lives at risk to preserve ours.”

The Chamber wanted to make it easy for our community to share and demonstrate their appreciation for our COVID Heroes. So, each day, starting on Monday, October 26th, we are asking the community to send messages of thankfulness, share inspirational stories and acts of kindness on social media, and recognize a COVID Hero in their own special ways.

The Chamber is urging all community members to be part of this celebration by following these simple steps:

1. Visit our social media pages for COVID Hero Appreciation Week content & toolkit

2. Show your appreciation and gratitude for your heroes

3. Participate in our daily #hashtag activities and share your stories, pictures, and recognition moments

4. Spread the word about COVID Hero Appreciation Week



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