Help our beaches become Tobacco free / TOBACCO FREE BREVARD

What would the beaches of Brevard County look like being Tobacco Free? A place where children can play without the influence of tobacco or nicotine products. Now is the time for Brevard County to set an example for our kids with tobacco free beaches and parks. We can show them that harmful, addictive products are neither cool nor normal. This is why Brevard County should support Tobacco Free Environments to keep our community clean and strong. The abundance of cigarette butts in the ocean and the toxic chemicals they leak into their surroundings have consequences for marine life in the area. Studies have shown that even small quantities of cigarette butts in ocean water can be fatal to fish and marine organisms. Tobacco free environment policies help reduce litter from cigarettes, other tobacco products, and vaping according to the Florida Department of health.

Every year 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts, which are not biodegradable are dumped on earth. Cigarette butts release toxic chemicals into our rivers and beaches and pose a serious hazard to marine life. Tobacco free beaches and parks would allow our youth to play in an environment that is clean, healthy, and tobacco free for generations to come. You can help by contacting your local policymaker to ask for tobacco free parks and beaches. If you would like to learn more about tobacco free environments or if you would like to join in the fight please contact Brevard Tobacco Initiative at 321-726-2680 ext 2709.