Having the Right Insurance makes all the difference in the world

Insurance can be a confusing topic, there’s always many questions to ask: do you have the right coverage, does your policy provide enough coverage, what happens when you don’t have enough coverage? Finding the right insurance policy for what matters most to you is extremely important and having the right insurance agent can make all the difference in the world.

Shoff Insurance Advisors is one of the most trustworthy insurance agencies in Brevard County and we’re extremely proud of that. Our experience in the industry makes us an agency that insurance companies want to work with.  We work hard to provide our customers with the most complete coverage that fits their individual needs and financial position. When we opened our doors to the public in early 2016, we never imagined the growth we would see in such a short time, but we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Our only goal is to offer you the best policy that fits your needs at the best rate. Our highly trained local agents go above and beyond to find the right companies and make sure you’re completely covered. We work with over 30 “A” rated insurance companies to provide our customers with the best opportunity to find a policy that works for them. Insurance carriers are rated on a scale by independent professionals in the industry. This scale measures the company’s financial strength, or to simplify it, how likely this company will be able to pay claims to its policy holders or just stay in business in the event of a catastrophe. ‘A’ ratings are important with insurance because you want to make sure your carrier is going to do its job and can protect you in case of an emergency.

If you’re interested in having an agent who knows your area and is going to make sure your insurance protects all the things that matter most to you, give us a call or come down to our office to meet our team.