Commitment Isn’t Always Easy

Life is often difficult and schedules seem unrelenting, so Becky and I took a 5 week sabbatical in August. The plan was simple, we would visit all the kids (free lodging is appreciated when possible), then head to Michigan for a celebration of life service for a good friend, and we would make most of the trip on our motorcycle.

The weather was perfect as we left Nashville making our way to Richmond, Kentucky. After a few days, we headed for Michigan.The forecast was rain, so we donned our rain gear. The first couple hundred miles were overcast, but somewhere between Dayton and Toledo, the rains came. I have ridden in rain, but I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such torrential downpour on the bike. Visibility was poor, but the fact that I couldn’t keep my glasses from fogging up, made it worse. (If you have any suggestions as to keeping your glasses fog free let me know).

spot0914_-pg-19-article-pixFinally, we were able to seek shelter at a gas station. As we were drying off and waiting for the storm to pass, a convertible pulls in next to us. It didn’t take long for him to ask us where we were from and where we were headed. “We’re from Florida, “ I replied. “We are on the way to some place in Northern Michigan about 5 hours away.” He stood quiet for a moment, looked at the bike, looked at us and then said … “That is commitment”. He drove off, and we spent the next 90 minutes in a local diner waiting for a break in the weather.

I guess riding a motorcycle some 1800 miles is a commitment. You never know when the storms will come, or how long they will last. You don’t know for sure where the construction will be or how many detours you will have to take… and you can’t quit when you are 800 miles from home. It is a commitment, but the journey is worth it.

In John 14:25-36, Jesus talks about the cost of being a disciple. Don’t be alarmed at the strong language, but do take notice. There are fair weather Christians, who are only committed as long as things go their way. To be a believer is a commitment. There will be storms, life will be difficult, but The godly will rejoice in the LORD and find shelter in him. (Psalms 64:10 NLT)

Article provided by Pastor Larry A. Attig of the Melbounre First Church of the Nazarene.