Why buy life insurance?

Facing one’s mortality and the prospect of leaving family members behind is not always easy. Death, financial security and planning for the future are all difficult subjects, but planning ahead can make matters much easier in the long run.

Life insurance needs frequently come up when making plans, and many people find that purchasing a life insurance policy is a worthwhile investment. Life insurance holds an important place in overall financial planning. One of the most apparent benefits of life insurance is that it will provide a considerable sum of cash upon the insured’s death, which can be put toward the cost of funeral arrangements, housing and dependent care.

Beyond end-of-life bills and care, life insurance can offer other advantages, say the experts at Allstate Insurance Company. Life insurance can provide a family with a financial safety net. When a beneficiary is named, life insurance can serve as an inheritance for that person or people. Heirs may face estate taxes after a loved one dies, and life insurance benefits may help offset all or a portion of the costs.

There may be benefits to life insurance while a person is living as well. The life insurance information site Term Life 2 Go says that, depending on the policy, life insurance can be borrowed against to pay off debt, buy a house or live off of dividends from the life insurance investment. This can provide a source of supplemental retirement income.

Gateway Financial advisors say that many life insurance plans are extremely flexible and can be modified as needs change. Death benefits may be decreased if desired, and premiums can be skipped, reduced or increased.

Business owners also can use life insurance policies to their advantage. Including life insurance with the list of other benefits offered to prospective employees can entice top-notch candidates. Sole proprietors may use life insurance as a business continuation plan so that insurance proceeds can keep the business in the black until it is sold or a replacement owner is found.

Shopping for life insurance requires careful research and an understanding of the products available. Consumers should have a thorough understanding of term and whole life policies, what premiums will cost, what the death benefit will pay, and if there are any living benefits. For example, living benefits may cover some costs for chronically or terminally ill people.

Working with an experienced life insurance advisor can help people navigate the types of policies available to them.