Art and Antique Studio & Gallery / Highland Ave, Melbourne “Linda Schuler”




JANUARY 1 – JANUARY 31,  2016

IMG_0012Ohio artist Linda Schuler” creates art because it is simply something she must do.  It can take her back to places she’s already been or send her on a new adventure depending on what she’s working on at the moment.

Linda absolutely loves to travel (thus “Wander Lust”) and has so often been inspired to paint what she’s experienced and seen throughout the world.  While on a trip, she may take 500 pictures a week; later painting only one or two of them.  While she’s painting, Linda’s reliving and remembering the trip.

Third world countries fascinate her and make up most of the realistic subjects she likes to paint.  She enjoys textures, and colors, always making them important elements in her paintings, especially in unique abstracts.

Linda’s grandparents, who like to travel, too, were her favorite people in all the earth, and she thinks she received her Cocoa Pier-1love of creating as well as her love of traveling from them.  She states that they left her an enormously rich heritage of loving to make things by hand.

Making art fascinates and challenges Linda, and she loves to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques.  She knows that she will continue to learn and explore the beautiful and world of art forever.

The Art and Antique Gallery invites the pubic to view the outstanding work of “LINDA SCHULER” at an opening reception Friday January 8th. The Reception to held at Art and Antique Gallery 1419 Highland Ave. Melbourne, Florida. For more information please call 321-253-5553. The Admission is FREE and refreshemts will be served.