April’s Travels WEEKENDER ON A BUDGET by April Cobb

Driftwood Inn & Resort

If you’re looking for a getaway that isn’t far, check out Vero Beach for the iconic Driftwood Inn & Resort. Just one hour and twenty minutes down, A1A escape to a tucked-away one-of-a-kind treasure.  Driftwood is draped with wrought iron bells, chains, and intriguing artifacts of all kinds. When it was originally built and decorated with scraps and bits of history, the resort became the talk of the small growing town.

Waldo Sexton was the original owner of the property circa 1937. He had purchased the land for his wife and children to settle down and raise their family but quickly became a hot spot for weary travelers to stop for the night. It wasn’t uncommon for strangers to knock on their door late in the evening and impose upon the Sextons for the night. Being generous people, the Sextons would often serve their guests a meal before sending them on their way in the morning. You could say they were a B&B of sorts.

His interest in Spanish Conquistador inspired items is evident all about the property. He would travel far and near for the unusual items on auction or scrap. Armed with a quick wit and a wild imagination, Waldo began a journey of adorning his slice of paradise.

With word circulating of his unique getaway, it wasn’t long before the need arose for expansions. The evolution of the aforementioned resort afforded his eccentric side an avenue for expression.

Creating an attractive resort wasn’t the only thing on the Sextons minds as they dabbled in the citrus industry in the area and politics… naturally.

Located twenty or so feet north of the original building (which has been renovated over the years to accommodate patrons), you will find Waldo’s Restaurant. The joint is ALWAYS hopping! Masterfully managed by Lee Olsen, the restaurant has ocean side and indoor dining, two bars, and a pool.

Just for fun, climb the stairs to the second floor of the restaurant and ring one of the bells before you leave, a time-honored tradition at Waldo’s.

Driftwood Inn & Resort is located at 3150 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach, FL. 32963. When you call, Charlie may answer the phone at the desk, tell him April sent you.