The Actor’s Group Orlando introducing their second location Now in Melbourne

by Bryan McDonough / publisher Spotlight Magazine

The newest, best, and brightest acting classes in our area can now be found in the form of the Actor’s Group Melbourne, the most recent location for the acclaimed Actor’s Group Orlando.untitled-0064-4

Led by a 25-year professional veteran Bob Caso,  The Actor’s Group Melbourne is the go-to place for the most cutting-edge instruction and the highest-quality complimentary services that  simply cannot be found anywhere else. Many of their students are finding a variety of opportunities, signing with agents, receiving project bookings, and are making use of their particular training.

The Group promotes hard-hitting and real-world acting methodology to improve the student’s ability to perform, in order to expand their careers.

“When it comes down to it, all of the esoteric little tricks in the world will not matter if you are not trained to land the job, and it takes the most top-notch performance training, professional services, instruction and getting out there and working hard in order to receive the results you are looking for,” says Bob Caso, actor-writer-producer.untitled-0001-13

I personally visited the Actor’s Group Orlando’s flagship group and was very impressed with the wide range of students participating in the classes, in ages and walks of life.  While observing Mr. Bob Caso at work with his students, one cannot help but sense the overwhelming passion that was evident.  It was interesting to see the power of everyone being so focused, and to observe the willingness of the students to learn and to fine-tune of their craft.

In a nutshell, by the end of the night, I found myself quite inspired by this group. So it is with great pleasure that we welcome The Actor’s Group to Melbourne!

Actors Group Melbourne