Workplace Essentials: Creating an Accountable Workplace / By Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP


Accountability is an essential factor in an exceptional, high-functioning workplace. It is very important to build a team that fosters workplace accountability since accountability will be reflected in the accuracy and efficiency of the work produced by the employees. Accountability ensures that each employee is invested in the success of the business and that they will strive to seek results that are best for the team.
Modeling Accountability

Modeling specific behaviors has a powerful effect on human development. It is a form of social or observational learning which influences other individuals. It is essential to model traits that are valuable to the workplace.

It is critical to be conscious of what behaviors we are modeling to others. The behaviors modeled in the workplace can either make or break the business.

Modeling accountability includes demonstrating skills and behaviors to others, including always being punctual and prepared, acknowledging and correcting mistakes, and staying loyal to commitments.

Valuing Accountability

Values are important in the creation of success and building a vision. Every workplace should include accountability as a core value. This entails more than just doing our jobs; it includes making it a value to do better and honor commitments to others, even when problems arise.

Accountability has a powerful effect on the results of a business. Accountability helps to ensure that every team member has a strong understanding of the values of the business and why they are engaging in certain practices.

Enforcing accountability as a core value will encourage employees to stay devoted, work hard, and produce exceptional results. Employees should be aware of accountability being a core value to the business, and this principle should be reinforced over time.


Effective teamwork is essential for the growth of a business. Teamwork requires accountability to ensure that the work is balanced amongst colleagues and that each team member will stay loyal to their obligations.

A powerful team is built on open communication, clear directions, defined goals, as well as shared goals. Each individual should be made aware of their worth and importance in the workplace and what it means to be part of a team.

Team members should support and encourage one another. Teamwork is not achievable without accountability, and in turn, a lack of teamwork will create hardships and failures in the business.

In Conclusion

Holding employees accountable will help to highlight the importance of the responsibilities in relation to the business. Accountability in the workplace will result in higher productivity, workplace satisfaction, and an overall stronger bond between the team members.

Promoting positive and sustained employment for both workers and employers!

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