What is Pound The Grape?

This might be your next question if you’ve never been here, and even if you have.

Is it a retail store for gifts, wine and beer?

Is it a bar?

Is it a place I can learn more about:

  • Wine?

  • Beer?

  • Art?

  • Dance?

Can I hold private events there?

The answer to all of these questions is Yes!  You can find all of this and more at Pound The Grape.


If your focus is on wine, we have a large selection of unique, hard to find wines and mead from all around the world. We also keep a section of Florida local sweet wines.   On any day of the week, you can stop by and taste any of the wines that are on special. Hopefully, you’ll find a new friend.


Starting in September, we will be holding regular wine tasting classes that will be free to adventure club members.  You’ll get to taste special wines and learn more about the featured wines. Plus, you’ll get special discounts to the monthly wine and food pairing classes, that teach how wine can enhance the flavors in your dish.


Want to do the same thing with beer?  Look for us to start those classes soon too.


Looking for something fun to do?  Check out our regularly scheduled art adventures.

Whether or not you’ve painted before, our talented, experienced staff of artists can introduce you to painting or bump your skills to a new level.  Stop by with one, two, or a group. Of course, beer and wine are available, and if you’re in an art adventure you get special discounts.


Wineglass design.

Have you thought about designing your own custom painted wine glasses? They’re perfect for entertaining, or for that special gift.  Our artists come up with hundreds of unique, custom designs for you to make yourself, or can assist you in bringing your own design to life. A glass painting event includes a set of four wine glasses that are dishwasher safe when you complete the steps.

With any of the art adventures, if you don’t have enough time, you can always come back and finish at your own pace at no additional charge.


We hold our art adventures for groups as small as two and up to 30 on a regularly scheduled basis. If you would like to hold a private event, we can work with groups as large as 70.

For those that like to move, visit Tango Tuesday’s at Pound The Grape. Join a renowned Tango instructor that holds free Tango lessons, and then join a pop-up dance group that dances in the store and out into the mall. Or just drink and watch!


Do you like to dress up? We host a regular Cosplay night once a month and have had everything from StarTroopers to Gryffindors.  Each month is a different theme with loads of participants showing up in their best costumes. Expect a contest to determine the best costume, or most geeked out on the details.

If you’re into music, we regularly host the Kitchen Killas, an acoustic band that has a huge following on youtube and performs in unique venues like your kitchen.  Stop by see them, and maybe sign your kitchen up for their next performance!