How Understanding Communication Styles Can Make Sales Easier

Sales is key to a successful business. Without sales, you have a hobby – not a business. This is true whether you are an established business owner, or starting your first side hustle.

For many entrepreneurs, sales are difficult. They don’t want to appear pushy.

While there are many sales strategies available, if we stop and look at sales in terms of communication, then we can bring a new strategy to our sales efforts. For those who are nervous about sales, this may be an easier entry into the selling process.

Successful sales boils down to successful communication. When we connect with others while communicating the value of our products and services, sales come easier.

What Does it Mean to Communicate

There is a famous quote that says The biggest issue with communication is the illusion it has taken place. This is because communication is more than just telling someone something and assuming that you are in agreement. It requires connection and an actual understanding between the parties of what is being agreed upon.


Communication is like a Following a Compass 


In many ways, communication is like following a compass. You need to understand where you want to go, and in the case of sales you need to understand where the other person wants to go.

When you are selling, you want to make sure that you are using that compass to move to where your customer wants or needs to go.

Understanding Communication Styles can Help

One of the challenges with communication is that we don’t communicate in the same way.

Before starting something new, some people just need a few ideas and facts to jump right in while some more details and a solid plan before getting started.

Some want to collaborate on solutions while others want a path laid out to follow.

Some people buy emotionally others logically.

When we learn to understand communication styles, we can incorporate these into our sales process. As we present our products and services in ways that meet the styles of others, it’s easier to create connection and win a sale.

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