Spiritual / Poems

Ambassador for Christ

by : Beverley Squire

Ambassador for Christ I am

An example for all to see

Representing Jesus Christ

The word that lives in me

Living by is word each day

His principles I stand on

My life a living testimony

Of God alive and strong


Ambassador for Christ I am

So judge me not I pray

Christ who lived and died for me

Will decide my final fate


The Blessed Son

copyright 2014 by Jon Gutmacher

He walked atop the open sea

by place they all called Galilee

and did that thing that only He

could do as they watched with awe


His hair did flow as did his robe

then blessed the throngs in marveled tones

and fed them all from one loaf of bread

and blessed each one who came


The leper cured, the blind could see

Yes, all these gifts they came from He

and proved that He was the One foretold

He was the Son of God