Pam’s Journey against Colon Cancer at Anytime Fitness

Mom’s Journey against Colon Cancer.  I use the word “journey” because since her diagnosis, that’s exactly what we have been on.

The day after Christmas, 2018, Mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 B Colon Cancer, which means it had spread from the colon to her liver and lung lymph nodes. She went from 148 pounds to 99 pounds in about 10 days. After 32 days and 2 surgeries, Mom came home from the hospital. Once she had had enough time to heal and her doctor had given her the okay to train, Mom came back to Anytime Fitness to train with me. She returned this time not as the club manager, but as a member, and training with her son, Joe Luther.

You see, my mom has worked at Anytime Fitness in my clubs with me for the past 8 years, until she took an early retirement due to her health. Although she had spent years inside Anytime Fitness, she still wasn’t sure if she would really be able to do this. Mom started with me at 150% TCB (taking care of business.) Over the last 90 days, she has made it to 18 workouts with me. She’s gained 12 pounds during 8 weeks of chemo treatments, which is pretty amazing.

Together we’ve spent our time researching healthy anti-cancerous foods, making changes  towards an anti-cancerous lifestyle. We both believe that the cause is the cure and that eating a functional diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy attitude has been a key to her success.

In the last 90 days, my mom’s blood work has continued to improve with each reading. Her oncologist is so thrilled that we may be able to cut her chemotherapy treatments in half, depending on the outcome of her next PET scan. Our goal is to beat colon cancer into remission, one rep at a time, at Anytime Fitness!  My mom has been successful so far in her fight against colon cancer, and we truly believe that is because of our focus at Anytime Fitness. We have been able to build a plan to reach a very big goal.

June 26th, my mom’s CT scan came back “Unremarkable.”  Her liver and lymph nodes were clean as well. Every time I pick her up for her session at Anytime Fitness, my mom says, “I have Cancer, Cancer does not have me.” Every cancer diagnosis is devastating. Cancer rips you apart.  It’s important to remember that “cancer” is merely your diagnosis – don’t let it be your attitude. On her bad days, Mom says, “Courage is not having the strength to go on, it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.”

We are all #StrongerTogether and Pam’s positive mental attitude inspires everyone around her. My mom’s going to ring the bell (in celebration of being cancer-free) on August 26th. When she does, we’ll say she crushed cancer, one rep at a time at Anytime Fitness.



Coach Joe

Anytime Fitness Palm Bay Florida