New Viruses Create Urgent Need for Fresh Flight product

As cases of Coronavirus and other viruses increase, so does the need for products that help those traveling to remain healthy. Fresh Flight offers a convenient, affordable product that provides a barrier between travelers and potential health hazards.

Fresh Flight LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Fresh Flight (patent pending), disposable seat covers for airplane travel, the latest travel-related product designed to offer travelers a healthier option when flying. Fresh Flight seat covers provide travelers a protective barrier between them and the germs, bacteria, and filth found on airplane seats. The Fresh Flight package contains a Fresh Flight clean sheet seat cover and an antimicrobial wipe, while the Fresh Flight Plus package contains the seat cover, antimicrobial wipe, and a facemask to help protect against airborne particles. Both are easily affixed to the headrest on an airplane seat, taking only seconds to apply.

According to an analysis done by Marketplace Host Charlsie Agro, published on 26 Oct. 2018 for " Marketplace," a CBC consumer watchdog news series, headrests, and seat-pockets are among the dirtiest surfaces one can touch on an airplane. The final report claimed headrests are the dirtiest surface on airplanes, carrying hemolytic bacteria, E. coli, and the highest aerobic count (used as an indicator of bacterial populations on a surface). In another article written by Jillian Kramer, published 7 Jan. 2020 on, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, viruses and diseases—think: MRSA, E. coli, and others—can be spread through contact with an airplane's surfaces, including your seat.

Driven by the desire to travel in a cleaner, healthier environment, road warrior, Aaron Lew, created and founded the Fresh Flight company. “I spent countless hours in dirty airplanes and always felt gross when I arrived at my destination,” Lew said. “My wife, Amy, always worried about keeping our 3 children safe from germs while traveling. We’re excited to bring this product to market, especially when cases of travel-related illnesses are growing.”

The Fresh Flight clean sheets are disposable, small and lightweight enough to fit in a purse, briefcase or backpack. A Fresh Flight single package costs $8.99 and Fresh Flight Plus costs $9.99, less than half the price of similar products. The product, American made, can be purchased by visiting the company website at

About Fresh Flight, Inc.
Fresh Flight LLC, a woman-owned business, was founded in 2019 to provide travelers a healthier option to sitting on
dirty, germ-filled airplane seats. Made in America, Fresh Flight products are affordable, lightweight and disposable
clean sheets that are placed on airplane seats. The seat cover is another layer of a bundled approach to help protect
yourself. The seat cover provides a barrier between you and the public surface. Visit Fresh Flight at or Facebook.

Aron & Amy Lew the creators of Fresh Flight and are local residents of Melbourne, Fl.