Bocas comes to Titusville Mall Cinema

Graphic novelist, professional artist, marketer and blogger Jake Estrada wears many hats, and with his recent endeavor as director and actor, he will add more accomplishments to his name. His most recent work is BOCAS filmed entirely in Brevard County, Florida with a cast of new actors, we’re amazed how well the BOCUS movie came out. This movie has been making a huge impact in the local community. The Next stop is Bocas comes to Titusville Mall Cinema on November 22-28. Signed BluRays now available.  On November 23rd there will be a live meet and greet from the cast of Bocas. You will get a chance to talk with Jake Estrada and have a small chat with the man himself.

The movie is titled after Mr. Estrada’s comic book series under the same name. “Bocas” is the main character, a vigilante fallen archangel who spends his time on Earth fighting for justice.

“Bocas is a dream come true,” Mr. Estrada said. “I molded the character for my father and it’s one of those things, being that I’m a proud American, but I’m also proud of my ethnic background as a Puerto Rican. It was another thing for me to create a Puerto Rican-inspired character with Hispanic names, so for many other young Hispanics to see characters more like themselves.”

The movie is a continuation of the comic book series, which will introduce some new faces as well as re-introduce some of the old.

Mr. Estrada will also star as Bocas, with Chuck Fresh starring as “Junior”, David Grace as “Gusano”, Matt Moller as “The Stranger” and Karen Wooden as “El Dueña.”

Mr. Fresh will also be credited alongside Mr. Estrada as director, writer, screenplay writer and producer. Mr. Grace, Mr. Moller and Ms. Wooden are also producers of the movie.

Movie Synopsis: A fallen archangel known as Bocas fell from grace. With superhuman powers, he now roams the earth helping the innocent and punishing the guilty.