Publisher’s Notes

We did it!

After burning the candle at both ends this past month, we have made sure that Spotlight Magazine can now be found in many “free to pickup” locations in Cocoa, Merritt Island, and the Cocoa Beach areas. In the months to come, we will continue increasing distribution locations and the overall circulation of the publication. At the same time, we will be obtaining quality new supporting advertisers.

Again, I would like to thank all those who helped make the expansion to include Central Brevard possible.  Our Spotlight team members, including our delivery team, superb art director, advertisement designers, contributing writers, writing editor, and even our tax accountant, have all played an invaluable role in helping our publication grow.

In addition, I would like to send out a big thank you to my family and friends for their support and encouragement over the many years. That being said, I will never forget why, years ago, Spotlight Magazine came to be in the first place. It is because of you, our loyal current and future readership. It all started for me with one piece of paper and a dream to bring to our community a publication that continues to be entertaining, uplifting, and educational while supporting those who entrust us with their advertising dollars.  Thank You!

Moving on…how about this month’s front cover? What a joy it is to be working with fantastic businesses like Nicole Maree Bridal, who brings the word fun into working. Please take a moment to view their advertisement on page eleven in this issue of Spotlight. And should you be planning on getting married anytime soon or know of someone who is, please tell them about Nicole Maree Bridal.

This coming May 8th is Mother’s Day, so take some time to show your love for, or in some instances, in remembrance of, those who brought us into this world and guided us along life’s pathways. (Miss you and love you, Mom!)

Until next month,



Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.