Publisher’s Notes

As we enter the New Year, we may be reflecting on our past goals and what has or has not been accomplished. Personally, I feel very humble as I know “a work in progress” should be my middle name.

We would all probably agree that a crystal ball sure would be nice, so we might have a better idea of what is in store for us as we travel the so-called journey of life.  That being said, there is no crystal ball, so we all must choose our own destinies each morning as we rise out of bed. I am a firm believer in what you think and say is pretty much what you are going to get. So it might be good for us all to be more conscious of the things we read and listen to, as well as the people we associate with.

Moving forward, your community Spotlight Magazine is stretching its own rubber bands again. Starting in this issue, you will notice that we now offer a Spanish section in the publication, where each month, this column will be written in Spanish so that a greater number of people may also enjoy the magazine. I have wanted to add this section for a long time, but sometimes, timing is everything. Now with the help of Carolina Rojas, this new section will be possible, and for that, I thank you, Carolina.

May you have a wonderful beginning to the New Year, and remember, your glass can always be half full by your choosing!


Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.