Publisher’s Notes : June 2020

As I sit in my very quiet office, the only sound breaking the silence is the tick-tock of a grandfather clock. The month of May is winding down and like everyone else, I find it harder now to keep track of the days and weeks.

It seems a little harder than usual to share my thoughts and feelings, particularly about the recent past and Spotlight Magazine’s vision for the months to come. I for one, do not like living in the past, so writing about the past is going to be short and sweet. The month of May was an improvement over the previous month when it came to distributing our publication, as more locations are opening up for business almost daily. We all need to be safe and smart as we begin to venture out into our community. In this new normal, we want to start living our lives once again, but we must remain mindful of safety guidelines.

Looking to the future, Spotlight Magazine will continue to bring you uplifting, educational, and entraining articles with the same quality advertisers we’ve always had.

We take much pride in never missing a publishing print date and month. In addition, you can always find Spotlight on the web for even extra convenience. Also moving forward, we will continue producing short, entertaining, and informative videos with our advertisers. So keep an eye on our Facebook business page, because you never know what crazy, fun thing I am going to do next!

Winding down these notes, I leave you with this. We all have twenty-four hours in a day, so use them wisely, as none of us can reclaim the past and the future is what we make of it!

Until next time,



Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.




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