Publisher’s Notes

September 2020

The days and weeks seem to be flying by. I wonder how many times I have said that I just want things to slow down a little. But you know what?  Not this time! Like many of you, I can not wait for this year to be over! With all the political craziness and this virus, and all the changes that have happened in our everyday lives, I know that we are all longing for some kind of normal!

Hopefully, after the New Year, we will begin to see more positive things around us.

Our new normal may not be what it was a year ago, but we can all hope and pray that things will improve and people will feel like they can get on with their lives. But as we head into the fall season, please continue to follow the guidelines, wear your masks, and stay safe.

On a brighter note, Spotlight Magazine is holding its own. Yes, things could always be better, but I continue to be forever grateful for the things and people in our lives; and that includes you, our Spotlight readership. Weekly I receive phone calls or bump into many of you in person, and your ongoing show of support is appreciated and very uplifting.

Whether this is your first time reading our publication, or if you have been one of our long-time Spotlight Magazine readers, I hope that you have been enjoying your community magazine.  If you do, I would ask that you kindly help us out by leaving a review on Google Reviews. Should you also feel so inclined, maybe share a few kind words that would help us tremendously as we continue to strive to be a quality magazine that everyone enjoys.

Thank you in advance and God Bless!



Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.




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