Publisher’s Note : July 2019

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Summer has really arrived! It can be hot, it can be muggy, it can be stormy this time of year. But if you have lived here for any length of time, you learn to deal with it. You take your walks early in the day, you keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape, you avoid being out in the midday sun as best as you can, you never leave home without an umbrella in your car, and you take advantage of our local beaches, or your swimming pool! Once you’ve mastered the basics of dealing with Florida summers, it becomes a small price to pay for not having to put up with snow and cold all winter!

This month, we celebrate Independence Day. Many of us plan vacations and family gatherings around the Fourth of July.  So while we enjoy the fireworks and hot dogs, let’s also be mindful of what we too often take for granted. Many others in the world do not enjoy the same freedoms as we do.  That is good food for thought on our nation’s Birthday!

Until next month,


Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.




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