Publisher’s Note : August 2018

 As we ease on into the month of August, please be mindful that our schools will once again be ringing their bells, announcing the start of a new school year. Please take some extra time on your morning and afternoon drives, as our children and grandchildren will be sharing the roads with us. We all need to Arrive Alive.

  A Big Thank You to those of you who visited our website. We are very proud and excited to bring you even more quality articles and advertisements with our online presence. We are also hoping to keep building up our numbers on Facebook as well, so please be sure to “friend” us! You can easily access our Facebook page from our website.
 On another note…..we all know well enough what our Florida summer weather is like. Needless to say, August is going to be a hot one again this year. I was born in Melbourne Florida, and I still complain every year. Oh well, I guess we can be thankful that God created air-conditioning!
 Until next month, God bless!


Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine Inc.









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